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July 4, 2009

Top News Story For Nov 2, 2012 "Obama Wins 2nd Term"

It was a ‘uniquely’ popular NBC program that the majority of people either loved to hate or hated to love….a paradox to say the least.

But as America prepares to celebrate its 233rd Independence Day, the majority of her allegiant follower’s scratches their head in utter confusion and bewilderment wondering how in hell this great Country has sunk so low, so quickly, being lead by so inept few.

For good, bad or indifferent, America has elected and is consequently stuck with a President that has never accomplished anything of significance that would merit the highest office in her great land.

Additionally, this person America now calls their President stands 180 degrees in opposition with every other US President holding office prior to his inauguration (regardless of party affiliation).

America experiences the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression and President Obama’s answer is to give a speech to manipulate Americans into believing bigger government is the answer to everyone’s problems.

Regardless her generosity and willingness to help others, America has historically been the most hated, but nonetheless, the most powerful nation on earth.

But less than six out of his 48 month term, Barack Obama and his administration has repositioned America in a slightly different light, putting our country at risk.

Obama Flips Off America

Obama Flips Off America

Under Obama’s Presidency, American is still hated by those same countries, if not more so, but unfortunately, the U.S. appears weak to many of her enemies now.  From Russia to China and all other countries in between, including Iran – seasoned and skilled politicians and their experienced administrations – consider America’s new ‘leader’ a poster-child and by-product of political correctness, unapologetic and open media bias for liberalism….gone wild!

As pissed off as many American’s, especially the ones that are genuinely conservative, are right now, Obama is merely a by-product of the *ignorant majority of the American people’s insatiable appetite for mediocrity.

But similar to the threshold of paying $4 for a gallon of gas a year ago……now, almost on a daily basis, many of these formal so-called ‘moderates’ are now reaching their “$4 per gallon boiling/tipping point” with much of Obama’s chaotic ultra-liberal and blatant socialistic agenda.

*Ignorant – not possessing complete and accurate information on a given subject or unknowingly being manipulated into believing something untrue.

Ignorance is not Stupidity.

Stupidity – is knowingly possessing the facts or having the truth on a given subject or issue, and making the opposite decision anyway.

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

What Obama and his thugs don’t get………check that statement, what Obama and his thugs get, but don’t care about, is that the nation’s economy is in the tank.   America has already proven that a President can get away with rape and having oral sex in the Oral, (Oval), Office, as long as the economy is good.

Regardless of political affiliation,  Americans of all shapes and sizes are starting to wake up and see that Obama and his administration has and continues to pimp out Lady Liberty.

Question:  For what they are, if Obama’s skills and experience as President could be transferred to that of a surgeon, how many of his followers, if they needed surgery, would willing go under his knife?

Answer:  Not even his wife.

But we as American’s have given this man the keys to the nation (e.g. and the world), It’s time to man-up America!

Or we will all unwillingly be auditioning for another kind of Fear Factor in 2010 and 2012, and it will be worse than chewing up and swallowing 10,000 cock roaches.


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