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One Bullet Barney (Fife) For President…

July 9, 2009
Obama: Going Wrong Way Down One Way Street

Obama: Going Wrong Way Down One Way Street

A little over six months ago America’s economy was not good; however, as bad as it was then, it was nothing compared to how bad the US economy is presently.  And for that matter, if Obama continues to get his way, America has yet to see just how bad her country’s economy will suffer.  God forbid.

But the point is not the economy, but the blatant hypocrisy of this country’s seething hatred for former President George W. Bush, led in part by its state run media.

Super Hero (e.g. figment of the imagination for many confused followers)

Super Hero (e.g. figment of the imagination for many confused followers)

Yes, Obama did inherit a recession that started in the 2nd term of President Bush’s last year in office.

However, the overwhelming economic experts, having no political axe to grid, unanimously concur that had an infant taken office as President in January of ’09, and simply the newborn done nothing in the form of governmental stimulus, America’s economic state and future would be significantly brighter (than currently experienced under Barack H. Obama).

Pardon the crude analogy…

basketball-kobe-bryantIt was though America was entering a World Championship Game with everything on the line, but instead of putting a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Joe Montana, Michael Phelps, Lance Armstrong or Babe Ruth into the game, America thought it best to substitute Barney Fife.

Remember Barney Fife, Sherriff Andy Taylor’s Deputy Sidekick, serving the fine folks living in Mayberry, NC?

Ironically, Obama and Fife have a lot in common besides a funny last name.

Barry was on top of his game as long as Andy and the people around him made him FEEL good about his work and ideas, but he had zero common sense about leadership or people skills and Andy was always getting his but out of trouble.

Barney Fife Starring Down Kim Jong il

Barney Fife Starring Down Kim Jong il

Sadly, Barney would not only have done a better job than Obama as President, at least Barney would have taken his one bullet from his top pocket and used it to shoot Kim Jong il when that little troll threaten to launch a missile toward Hawaii.

Perhaps there is a little humor blended with this silly but true analogy, but unfortunately, the circumstances are far to serious, and the cost much to high a price, to consider America’s current economic status in a humorous light.

If they are among the lucky few, the only CHANGE that Obama will leave American’s with, is the CHANGE in their pocket, left over after he has taxed their last dollar.


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