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I Pledge Allegiance to Myself for Which I stand, Hundreds of Nations, Under Allah with Radicalism and Socialism for ALL!

September 23, 2009

Proof That It Does Not Matter What the People Want (click this link)…

Delusions of Grander: One nation under Obama who knows what is best for the American people more than they know for themselves. This nation has never been great, but under Obama it will become the greatest nation (as far as Tyranny goes) in history.

Reflection Obama Sees In The Mirror of His Delusional Mind

Reflection Obama Sees In The Mirror of His Delusional Mind

People are to bow down and kiss my scared Law Degree from Harvard, framed in the most expensive woods and timber from around the world. How in the name of Allah could so many American ‘hayseed’ hillbillies think for a moment that they understand what America is all about and what is the best direction for this country.

America spoke loudly in November of 2008 and during that time Americans were smart and wise, but approximately 10 months later, many have become raciest virtually overnight and the majority of the American people has lost their way, having no clue what direction to take.

So thank you for standing with me and getting me elected, but during America’s moment of weakness and stupidity, I have decided to go against the grain of the people in an all out media blitz to shove a non-existent healthcare package down the people’s throat.

By the way, while I’m trying to crush the best healthcare system the world has ever known, I’m also on the warpath for dismantling America’s title as “The World’s Most Powerful Nation”. It is with superior education and intellect that I, the magnificent Obama understand how apologizing for and belittling America will actually garnish friendlier neighbors, and the fear that some other world power would take advantage of our forthcoming weakness will only be believed by the ignorant few.

So in closing America…..You have spoken and you have spoken loudly, but this time I don’t care, because I don’t need your permission to pursue GREATNESS and a better tomorrow.


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Screw the polls and screw you, and Allah Bless the NEW America to come.

B. Hussein Obama

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