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MSNBC’s Brian Williams Interviews King Obama

June 4, 2009


The way he acted on camera, onlookers would have suspected as much from a silly third grade girl, winning a local Jonas Brothers contest that allowed her to walk the brothers from the school’s assembly hall (after their concert) to the school’s exit doors.

But unfortunately, this was no third grade girl that had a silly elementary school-girl crush with a couple of pop-stars.  

No this was MSNBC’s Nightly News Anchor, Brian ‘Let Me Bow Before The King‘ Williams.

After Mr. Williams escorts his majesty [Obama]back to the White House elevator, he politely  bows before the King and bids him a good night.


Written agreement should clear path for convicted child abuser and pedophile to babysit and chaperone children, as long as GOOD INTENTIONS are outlined ahead of time….Any takers, Parents?

June 2, 2009


childrenWhat sane parent would ever for one moment consider allowing a known child abuser and convicted pedophile to babysit or chaperone their child?

But wait a minute.

What if this convicted child abuser and pedophile was willing to sit down and meet with the parent, face-to-face, openly acknowledge without remorse, their unspeakable acts in the past, but offer up a written agreement and understanding that they would treat your child or children with respect and dignity.

Would this type of arrangement and written agreement change the circumstances with a single parent, allowing a convicted child abuser and pedophile to babysit or supervise their son or daughter?

What a STUPID question……right?


ABSOULTELY.  It’s a crazy insane question… 
Only a foolish, mentally incapable parent would ever consider such lunacy. 

But this unorthodox mindset parallels the exact mentality that President Obama recently attempted to articulate, in what has been his most unintelligible drivel to date (and that’s saying a lot).

 Today, President Obama was quoted saying…

“Iran may have some right to nuclear energy, provided it takes steps to prove its aspirations are peaceful.”

These comments reiterated the remarks Obama made in Prague last month when quoted saying, “his administration would support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy with rigorous inspections” if Iran proves it is no longer a nuclear threat.

May God have genuine mercy on people that actually believe what this president is attempting to sell the American people. 

Unfortunately, on behalf of the American people, President Barack Obama flipped off God and the Nation of Israel today.

  • Some argue that Obama is doing this because it is a part of his overarching ultra-liberal agenda, driving the country to a historical 180 degree opposite direction than any other president has taken America.
  • Others argue that Obama is doing this out of pure unadulterated naïveté and inexperience.

Regardless his rationale, the short and long-term repercussions and consequences of Obama’s decisions and self-proclaimed leadership, fall squarely on the shoulders of the American people.  

Remember, Obama has been apologizing on behalf of America since he took office.  Think about it, Obama apologizes for this country wherever he goes outside her shores; however pedestals country’s such as Iran, hypocritically preaching ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ to the American people on behalf of blood thirsty dictators who for centuries have voiced their hatred and desire to annihilate the [American/Israeli] infidel.


obabma_bird   flag split



According To Obama, Sotomayor Will “Start” To Bring Justice To Surpreme Court [FINALLY]

May 30, 2009

According to President Obama, up until now the Supreme Court has yet to start delegating [his type of] justice.

Ironically, this is the first time Obama is 100% accurate.

For the most part, The Supreme Court (thank God), has yet to experience the type of “justice” Obama is referring to, when he references the type of “justice” Judge Sotomayor could bring to the highest court in the land.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

The justice of Obama/Sotomayor, dissimilar to legal precedent, allows lady justice to lift up one side of her blindfold and peek at a person’s ethnicity, level of education, or economic status before issuing her final opinion.

If  Sotomayor is confirmed, Obama and those who support this nomination, both Democrats and (moderate) Republicans, are willing accomplices in the rape of lady justice.

The obstacles and life challenges Sotomayor has overcome, coupled with her achievements, are admirable.  

However, Judge Sotomayor’s open prejudice and racist temperamental statements specific to law, should immediately and unequivocally disqualify her from confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Without question or debate, this would most certainly be the case should a conservative Supreme Court Nominee publicly articulated similarly statements in the course of their judicial career.

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The First Picture To Paint A MILLION Words!

May 28, 2009
“This man [Obama] is extremely smart – he can communicate,” Reid said. “But the best part of Barack Obama is his heart is bigger than any heart in the world.” -Senator Harry Reid

Oh Really, Sir Harry?


George Obama, Barack's half-brother, lives 'like a recluse' in a shack outside Nairobi.

Before being elected to office, The Obama’s gave a whopping 1% of their income to charity over a 4 year period, which inspired like-minded liberals to give as much (or less) of their income too.  

Perhaps Harry Reid needs to be randomly tested for drug use?  Sounds like Harry is hitting the crack-pipe hard these days or has a secret infatuation for spooning with the Prez.

In the words of the great philosopher Slim Pickens, “What in the wild, wild sports” gives liberals the notion that Obama has a heart at all, much less the “largest” heart of all living mankind?  There is absolutely no proof in the pudding, so to speak. 

 Obamafest is 100% superficial, it is arrogant, self-centered people filled with shallow accolades and plateaus that merely sound good and tickle the ears, but have absolutely no foundation or credibility. 

Forget Obama’s lack of experience, where is the evidence and track record of this man’s generosity and charitable giving?

Answer: It does not exist, but unfortunately, that means nothing to liberals. 

Similar to the make-believe character that Pierce Brosnan played on Remington Steele, Obama and his media zombies, project a ‘feeling’ that liberals acquire when fantasizing about this mythical creature.


Contrast The Obama’s giving 1% of their wealth to charity, to Mother Teresa carving out 1% of her income for personal needs and giving the other 99% away to the poor.  

Sounds like Mother Teresa has cornered the market on (genuinely) spreading the wealth.  However, her definition of wealth is a little different than the Obama’s.


“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon Earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  (Matt. 6: 19–21)

But give credit where credit is due
Reid hit the nail on the head when he said
Obama can communicate…? (Parts 1&2)


Obama’s gift of communication contrasted to
Sarah Palin’s inability to communicate on his level
is probably one of the leading factors to Obama’s election.

Side Note: To liberals reading this post, the above article is a what independent thinking individuals call: SARCASM.  Obama can’t speak without visal aids (e.g. a telepromter); however, Sarah Palin never missed a beat when speaking her beliefs and core values- even while the press was calling her daughter a whore.  What a horrible shame the circus Governor Palin was put through during her campaign.


Obama’s ‘Me So Narcissistic’ Tour

May 23, 2009


obama crosshands

Reshaping his America, Obama Values
Link Here To Read Article

Obama apologized numerous times for America on his recent ‘Me So Narcissistic’ International Tour.  He champions the cruelest forms of abortion, while jeopardizing Homeland Security by rapidly defunding the military and freeing brutal terrorist known to be involved in 9/11 or other related acts of terrorism, to kill or instill fear in the hearts and minds of Americans.

There is no better explanation or word picture for unadulterated arrogance and narcissism than Brian Regan’s famous ME MONSTER Story.  After watching this (approx.) 4 minute video for the first time about 10 months ago, it is virtually impossible to imagine anyone else other than President Obama as the genuine ‘Me Monster’ article. 

Take a gander:

President Obama preaches the color green, but recently stripped several national forests by printing an extra trillion dollars to help stimulate his new government, while driving the stock market down to record lows.  He has flipped off the US Constitution in order to leverage the automobile industry for more political power, giving no thought to the thousands upon thousands of auto workers that voted for him.

Now President Obama is warming up for his upcoming ‘Values Tour’, where he will be taking his self-appointed “values”,  and attempt to convince the American people that it is time for change

According to Obama, its time for the people to reconsider our “dated” Founding Father’s principals and values, derived from God’s Word, and exchange them for a more ‘enlighten’ set of values, based on failed liberal philosophies, Obama’s agenda and the feeling of the day. 

Don’t forget, Obama himself has already stated that he is reshaping America.

Isn’t it fascinating and extremely curious  at the same time that a virtual unknown person, whom 99.9% of America’s population had never even heard of, just 24 short months ago, is now dictating what this great country’s (NEW) values are and what the (OLD) values are not.

In two-hundred and thirty-five years of proven history, there has never been another nation as blessed as America.  

Now she is in the inexperienced hands of a self-proclaimed leader (main-stream media excluded) with no proven leadership skills, political accomplishment, Foreign Relations or Business/Commerce experience or Spiritual/Moral Compass.

Few people even realize that President Obama does not have the minimum requirements necessary to serve in the U.S. Secret Service.  And there is not a single Fortune 1000 company that would employ this U.S. President as CEO or COO of their company (based on pure experience).  

Regardless, the American people (for now) appear to be  infatuated w Barack Obama Mania.  

So much so that in the process, many have traded in substance for the superficial, authentic for counterfeit, experience over inexperience, and wisdom in exchange for foolishness.

Everything that Obama seeks for his America has already been a proven a miserable failure in all other countries attempting his liberal methodologies. 

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  -Ecclesiastes 1:9

America did not evolve into the nation she is today by mere happenstance or by incorporating massive governmental control, heavy taxation and an unsustainable debt load or thumbing their nose at God Almighty.

“Everything rises and falls on Leadership.” John Maxwell
America is in a downward spiral, regardless her popularity polls for the President.

Remember, Adolf Hitler
was one of the most popular politicians of his day

Why is the self-appointed ‘tolerance’ crowd not after Obama?  That is, the same ‘tolerant’ crowd who often scream at Christians for forcing their particular ‘values’ on others? 

It is time to start redefining the word values, because Obama does not possess a single one that mirrors America’s Founding Fathers, and those values have proven the test of time.  Making America (for now) the most powerful and blessed nation in the world.


The New American Idol

May 21, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama

crowd obaba

No other President in America’s history has been postured or propped up like Barack Obama 

Time  Vanity  Rolling Stone  ebony  GQ  

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.  Romans 1:25 

Deafening Silence, Screams Volumes

May 21, 2009

Top 10 (11) Reasons President Obama
Refused Meeting with Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons:

President Obama & Nevada Governor Gibbons

  1. Being Interviewed by Time Magazine for 14th consecutive cover story in past 14 months.
  2. Got stitches on right hand after bitch slapping teleprompter for inadvertently looping on the words ‘God Bless America’
  3. Had to catch last minute flight to meet Hugo Chávez, and caught swine flu.
  4. Was meeting with his half-brother from Kenya to better understand the plight of poverty.
  5. Was working with his personal assistant to try and book his friend Bill Ayers for 4th of July, White House Celebration Festival.
  6. Trying to encourage ‘former’ pastor Jeremiah Wright to sign pledge on USA’s Network
  7. Doing damage control with Greenpeace for exectuive ordering theTreasury Department to print an extra trillion dollars for ‘stim-u-less’ package (that’s lots and lots of trees by the way).
  8. Extended photo-opt for Obama as the first U.S. black president to visit Rose Garden
  9. Extended photo-op for Obama as the first U.S. black president to wash hands in the bathroom of The Lincoln Bedroom.
  10. Struggling with nicotine withdrawal after speaking to second-hand smoke delegation.

And Last But Not Least The Extra Bonus Reason:
11.  President Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had time for an extra round of golf.


Read Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons Press Release HERE.